Technical Sales Copy

So you’ve written an amazing piece of software or built an amazing product.
Now all you need to do is sell it to your prospective customers.
But, if they cannot understand what it does, they simply won’t buy it.

The Complete Technical Writing and Sales Copy Service

Technical Sales Copy for confused customers

Got Confused Customers?

If your customers cannot easily understand your product, they will not buy.


Got Bad Copy?

Poorly-written sales copy translates into poor sales. It’s that simple.

Technical Sales Copy

Want More Sales?

Giving your customers quality information about your product gives them confidence to buy.

Great Copy

We write sales copy and user guides for products or services

We have over 20 years experience in writing sales copy for software. Our prices are the best you will find. Our quality is second-to-none.

Get a Video Like This!

We can produce videos just like the one seen here at an amazingly low cost. They are striking, impactive, and can send your sales message viral.

Sales Copy for Software Products

Sales Copy For Software Products

So you’ve written an amazing piece of code. Now all you need to do is sell it to your customers. But... if they cannot understand what it does, they simply won’t buy it.

Entrepreneurial developers often struggle with this. We can help by explaining what your app does in English Sales Speak™ for websites, App Stores, brochures, flyers, radio and TV commercials.

Sales copy for specialised services

Sales Copy For Specialised Services

Do you provide a vertical solution or consulting service that you need to get your customers to understand?

Tell us what you do and let us write your sales copy, user manuals, release notes and other documents your customer will need in Plain User English™

Sales copy for engineering and electronics

Sales Copy For Engineering and Electronics

Need some copy to explain the benefits of your product to your customers? We can put it into words your customer will understand and compel them to buy.

Our technical writers can write great technical sales copy in English Sales Speak™ for websites, brochures, flyers, radio and TV commercials.


  • Our most popular quick-start service. This will provide you with the core sales message for your product or service. This text could be used for a website, brochure or introductory sales letter.
  • Price per 250 words.


  • As above, but with translation. We can take copy in almost any language, translate it and then produce professional sales-generating copy in English Sales Speak that anyone can understand. 
  • Price per 250 words.


  • SEO-keyworded copy for a five-page website. Total around 1200 words of quality content for your  website visitors to give them all the information they need to buy from you.
  • Price per five pages/1200 words


  • A two-page, A4 brochure with full sales copy, your logo and other images - a complete, ready-to-print brochure in full colour with final copy supplied in .PDF and Microsoft Publisher .PUB format. A complete service from concept to final proof. 

International Services

English is not your first language? Not a problem. Provide us your documents in your native language and we will have them translated and the turned into professional, English sales copy.

英语不是你的第一语言? 没问题! 用您的语言发送您的文件,我们将翻译他们。翻译时,我们使英语读者完美。 你获得更多的销售和更多的客户。 

اللغه الانجليزيه ليست لغتك الاولى؟ ليس هناك أى مشكلة! إرسال المستندات الخاصة بك في لغتك وسوف نقوم بترجمتها.عند ترجمتها، ونحن جعلها مثالية للقراء اللغة الإنجليزية. يمكنك الحصول على المزيد من المبيعات والمزيد من الزبائن سعداء. 

Английский не ваш первый язык? Без проблем! Отправьте свои документы на свой язык, и мы переведем их. Когда мы переводим, мы делаем его идеальным для чтения на английском языке. Вы получаете больше продаж и более счастливых клиентов.

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